Joy Vaughan has been creating art for more than four decades. Her studio is in the woods of Maine next to a salt water river. Come by for a class or a studio visit. 

About my process and work: 
"My preoccupation in the studio as well as in my daily life is noticing the mystery of things - the psyche, the universe, spirit, ritual, addiction, solitude vs. loneliness. This is what I study. In the studio I allow the mystery of image to emerge through the materials, process, and subject matter.  Images from the natural world often underlie my non-representational paintings, but they are rarely the final subject of them.  It’s in the studio that ideas, troubles, delights, and the unseen come together to compose something different.  My studio is a laboratory.  I’m not trying to make beautiful paintings, I’m trying to sort through life’s events and cohere the disparate parts. Logic and rational thinking are part of my process, but it is allowing room for inspiration which is most important for the work to emerge."