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We start the group with a simple "check-in" and a short meditation to get us primed for our time in the studio  - usually two and 1/2 hours. We use the time to wander in the world of images, letting the creative process move us from one idea or form to another until an image arises and forms itself. Some people start with a clear idea of what they want to do, others have no idea at all but we always surprise ourselves with what is revealed. We have lunch together and then talk about the process we went through in the studio. These groups are helpful for exploring your unique creative process, your own artistic development and getting support for the being present to your inner and outer life. If you have no experience with making art, this is a good group for you. It's a chance to try different materials and try out many ideas.  We make it a practice not to judge our work but instead we put the emphasis on the process of making images and letting go. 

“Anything born at a moment of time has the characteristics of that moment.” – C. G. Jung
Some remarkable things are likely to turn up if we look at our astrological charts through the lens of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and our personal imagery. In this workshop we take a basic look at the astrological chart in general – Sun, Moon and Rising Sign and what they mean for the individual. Then we will look at the array of elemental forces in our individual astrological charts, studying how they mirror our individual natures. After lunch, using paint, oil crayons and collage materials we’ll create an image or images from what we know and feel about our nature using the astrological chart as a reference. We will use our rational mind, our intuition and feeling to arrive at an image that wants to be known. No astrological or art experience is necessary – in fact, it probably helps to have none.

This is a workshop for people who want to find ways to record their dreams beyond the written word. If we use symbols and the drawn image to record our dreams, they sometimes reveal more to us than we had anticipated. I have been keeping dream journals for many years and would like to engage others in the practice because it fulfills a need to acknowledge to the Self that the dream is heard and honored. It also allows the dream to live on in another form and to expand.

If you haven't attended one of these workshops, now is the time to treat yourself to one.
These are fun and satisfying.  If your idea of silkscreen is tedious aligning of stencils and frustration, come to a workshop and find out that we do things differently here. We guarantee that you will learn something new, enjoy printing with ease and leave with a sense of satisfaction and a sheaf of colorful images. The other bonus is that you can print your own greeting cards. All materials (except card stock and envelopes) and a light lunch are provided. You only need to bring yourself.  

Consider creating your own group or have a private session with me. I particularly like to work with people who want to make "art" but feel timid or afraid to start.  Together we can usually find a way into the creative process that is liberating and even exhilarating.  I also like to work with artists who are in a temporary "blocked" period to help them move their energy in a new direction. Finally, if you are interested in creating a practice of making images as a way to reveal what is hidden within you, this is a good place to begin. I charge $60 per hour for individuals/$70 per hour for groups of 2 or more.  All fees include all art materials.

Call Joy Vaughan at 207 644-8267 or
email for further details and registration.

My studio is for rent all year by day or night.  You can carve out some time for yourself here on retreat by staying in the studio on the beautiful South Bristol peninsula and have time to write, read, think, and paint. If you want a private session with me during this time, I am available. For those of you who do not live in this area, we have many extraordinary conservation properties for walking and cross-country skiing. Call me for winter/summer rates and specials. Or go to - property #108588 to check out more photos of my studio and availability.