This large studio is located
on a private road in South Bristol, Maine. High ceilinged with many windows and skylights, this space has a feeling of peace, privacy and spaciousness. Double bed, washer/dryer, full kitchen facilities, TV/Video player, and stereo. Just a short walk to the Damariscotta River, a tidal salt water estuary, where you can put in your canoe or kayak. Rented by the day or week.

As a studio space for artists, writer and "seekers" this is an ideal space for an individual or group to use for personal work. It is fully equipped with tables, paper, paints, a myriad of drawing and coloring materials, this is a haven for creative expression.

For rental rates, call Joy at (207) 644-8267 or email her by pressing the "EMAIL JOY" button above.


A note from Rosie Bensen
One Friday morning in March I met four writer and illustrator friends for a day of painting and collage in Starfire Studio. It happened to be sunny, but Joy designed the space with so many windows that even on a gray day, the large airy room is flooded with light, ideal for any art project. We opened the door to her deck to enjoy the fresh salty air.
   Joy has organized a delicious collection of materials from paints to crayons and every size of paper one might wish for. The tables are generous, and one member of our group used the wall for tacking up large sheets of paper for painting.
The rest of us spread out collage materials everywhere, and dove in. We played, worked, explored and discovered. When we needed a break, we lounged and sipped tea on the comfortable sofa and chairs provided.
   The kitchen area is just right for preparing soup and salad lunch, but could just as easily accommodate more elaborate meal creations. Having Joy join us for the meal was a treat. Her enthusiasm, encouragement, sense of humor and wisdom fill the studio space.
   I highly recommend Starfire as a rejuvenating, inspiring and nourishing experience. Our group is planning future Starfire visits, which we have named "Joy Days."
~Rosie Bensen