Off the Edges and Outside the Lines, is a simple and direct exposition of the process of turning our inner images, thoughts and feelings into meaningful form. Joy tells you how to get started, how to keep the creative process going and what to do once you finish. This book can be used by all ages but is most helpful to adults who want to create but feel fearful, “stuck”, or inadequate. Joy makes the process of making “art” accessible to all.

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What people
have said about this book:

I love your book!
What a delight to find such affirmation for creativity. I will use it when I teach - anything - photography, tai chi - whatever - the principles are universal. Susan L., Teacher and Photographer

This book has proven to be a bigger gift than you could have ever imagined. My fiber art group has purchased about 15 sets and we are reading a number of pages each week and then each drawing 3 of the cards and doing those activities in our “fiber journals”. - Cheryl C. Fiber Artist

I’m a secretary and now I’ve made this book my practice.
Linda F.

I use your book
as a textbook for my art therapy students. It is the best I have found. Thank you. Merilyn F., Educator

Sold as a package
of book, journal and set of cards with suggestions for getting started - $28.

Sold separately the book is $10, the journal is $8, and the set of cards is $10.